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Hellow everyone :)

Hello I'm new, my name's Alyssa and as you can see I'm Dutch. I like to meet new people and specially when they speak another language ^^
I'm 14 years old. Are here some boys or girls that want to meet a girl from about 14/15 years old? :) Let me know (I'm single boys ;) ). I live in Holland (Zuid-Holland). Or add me, I'll add you :)

Baai baai :)
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Hello how are you doing today? I just thought I would say hi and stuff. I added you as a friend because I thought it would be cool to have a friend that spoke another language. Well, so but I have to go because I have to go to work in the morning at 7am. And it's like 4:25am right now. So, write back if you want and I'll talk to you later. bye Oh yeah my name is Anthony or you can call me tony or fro