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wait till you see my ohhh

ok so i'm Michele and i'm looking for a fling/ reltionship and i'm getting nowhere slowly with the idea..

heres me...
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more about me under the lj-cut ♥

I'm 18.. I'm from St. Louis.. i'm getting my bachelors in fashion design and i'm transferring to
Parsons School of Design this summer with the dream since i was little to get Tim Gunn (fash. design
teacher there) to review my I'm very goofy and love to make people laugh.i enjoy running, designing clothes, and drawing fashion sketches,
jumping hurdles & Yoga.. i love pauly shore (hes basically the male version of me)lol, and frank sinatra is my idol
i love to read mags; Cosmopolitan
(cosmo), US weekly, and Vogue..and i'm currently reading Velocity by Dean Koontz.. and my fav. author is Charles Dickens
i love to watch Sex And The City, Project Runway & Minding the Store(when it was still on), CSI: las vegas.. alright and who i'm looking for..
is someone with a sense of humor, that has style (metrosexual), smells good, athletic, & pretty eyes and of course cute ♥ if you're insterested
i guess just comment on my FO entry or you can email me at
you can just call me Mily
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